The BioDigitalPC® Desktop Dock 2.0 provides the BioDigitalPC® Card with a fully functioning desktop computer experience. Its simplicity, very small size, and low power consumption provides convenience and flexibility.

The Desktop Dock 2.0 breaks out two USB 2.0 connections, one USB 3.0 connection, a Mini-DisplayPort, a 10/100 Ethernet connection to access the internet, and a power connection.

Just insert the BioDigitalPC® Card into the connector located in the BioDigitalPC® Desktop Dock 2.0 and it will automatically power up. No need to hit a power switch!

The BioDigitalPC® Card will boot up whatever operating system the user has installed.

The Desktop Dock 2.0 includes a red LED to indicate power to the board, and a green LED to indicate the BioDigitalPC® Card has been inserted.

This Desktop Dock 2.0, in conjuction with the BioDigitalPC® Card, runs on 12VDC at an average power draw of 10W (8W - 10W TPD during normal use).

Size 4.75’’ Length    4.68’’ Width    1.6’’ Height
Power DC: 12 VDC