BioDigital PC

Data Solutions is an authorized Agent for Arnouse Digital Devices, Corp (ADDC). ADDC is a high technology firm, concentrating on the miniaturization of high-performance computers, servers and high-security devices. They offer a Wide Range Of Innovative Small Form Factor BioDigitalPC® Cards. The BioDigitalPC® Cards are highly secure, small form factor, water proof, shock and fire resistant, with X86 architecture. These high performance PC's are using the newest solid state hard drive technology with 1 to 2 GHz CPU, 128 SSD, & 8G of RAM. These computing solutions are designed to meet the exact needs of our clients in many different specialized areas.The BioDigitalPC® can go anywhere and be the heart of your digital life becoming your Desktop, Tablet, Smart TV, and Laptop.

The most recent product that has been released is the BioDigital Deployable Data Center (a cloud in a Box). This Rugged deployable data center comes in a rugged case and has the ability to accept up to 22 quad core BioDigitalPC® Cards with 8GB RAM &128 SSD hard drive. Operating with 110/220VAC and 12-36 VDC continuous operation. This system also can run on four internal Military approved Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery systems. With interfaces for router/switch configuration external rear connectivity. Options include increased storage to 20TB and internal switching. This technology will change the way your company designs their Command Consoles.

These products are being used by the DOD (Department Of Defense), US Federal Government, Military (Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines), and many other institutions. ADDC clients that have integrated our technology into their systems include major global brands such as, Cisco, Polycom and many Fortune 500 companies. We also work with our channel partners such as Microsoft, Intel, AMD and many others in the computing fields. We have worked with companies such as banks, robotic, communication, infrastructure, first responders, and entertainment.